Vovox is based in Ebikon, near Luzern, in Switzerland and has been a reknowned manufacturer of professional audio cables for some time. They have transfered their in-depth knowledge into the quality music home market with their HiFi line of cables.

VOVOX was founded in 2002 by material engineer Jürg Vogt. Prior to the foundation, new products were developed over five years of intensive research. Initially with musician Kaspar Kramis, whose basal ideas substantially co-influenced the cables, many prototypes and concepts were created and tested. It was only a short time before the founding of the company, when Jürg Vogt had the break-through and invented the novel design of the cables. This design is the reason for the uniqueness of VOVOX sound conductors and forms the basis of their outstanding sound quality as well as of their optimal handling properties for solid-core cables.

VOVOX converted scepticism into enthusiasm in the shortest time. The company succeeded in convincing many professional musicians and sound engineers that VOVOX and their sound conductors were definitely in a league of their own.

VOVOX assembles cables exclusively at their workshop in Ebikon / Lucerne, right in the heart of Switzerland. The production of the cables is carried out with partners located in Switzerland or close to the border in neighbouring countries. Suppliers from overseas are an option only in case VOVOX's quality requirements are so specific that they cannot be fulfilled locally.



The clearer the sound that reaches the ear, the more it moves us. Because all of us at VOVOX are passionate about music, we decided to develop sound conductors: cables optimized to transmit audio signals as purely as possible.

An audio concept must measure up to the human ear. That is why a sound difference that can be measured but not heard, is irrelevant for us. Relevant sound solutions, however, are important for us, even if they contradict common knowledge. We don't want to turn cables into objects of worship: but the blind tests do show a real difference in sound.

For the best possible signal transmission, we have a wide range of sound conductors for all applications in the audio chain - from the internal wiring of the amplified musical instrument to the loudspeakers at home. It is also our concern to contribute to an improvement in the quality of audio recordings with the use of our products.

The development of perfect sound conductors is an ongoing process and we value the experience and input of our customers and partners. This information is being combined with our research in the constant development and improvement of our products.

Jürg Vogt
dipl. Ing ETH