Music @ Themata

How do we see music reproduction here at Themata:

We think there are a number of ways to listen to, consume or absorb music, and all of them have a rightful place in our lives. Some listening experiences we would classify as background music, where the source, quality, position, dynamics etc. usually don’t matter too much to the listener, e.g. in a car, in public places, an elevator, while cooking, under the shower...  While we think that background music can as well be reproduced in a good or bad way, we focus on the natural, organic and live-like reproduction of music at home. When we try and really experience music, absorb it and suck it up, be involved, then it is true that nothing can beat a live concert – but we can work hard to come as close as possible to reproducing these moments at home: via a setup that tries to achieve just this, a high quality music reproduction in your home environment.

We are the importer and distributor of a selected number of high-end electronics, loudspeaker and accessories producers. You will not find these names on the high street or in an Internet shop anywhere in the UK. We believe we represent brands that’s stand for quality outside the mainstream, but with all the benefits of well organized and equipped manufacturers. Every component we sell is designed and manufactured in Europe; none of our product providers tries to cut corners by outsourcing production or assembly. They all are specialists in their field and believe in want they are producing. We deal with the owners and/or designer in person and therefore have immediate access to the people behind every product - if you need any advice or have a question, there will always be a quick turnaround time, and feedback will come from straight from the source. You can find more about the brands we represent and the people behind it in the manufacturer's section on the left.

We are very confident that we have chosen some of the best companies in their fields, and hence believe there is no reason to try and have second best offers – with a few exceptions we usually don’t cater for more than 1 product in any area in a certain price range, as we don’t think that A/B and comparative testing always produces valuable results, it tends to confuse and provoke placebo effects, and most of all, detracts from the listening experience. We would rather invite you to listen to different setups, should you still want to get a feeling and understanding which type of sound you prefer.

We act as an appointment only music studio, and endeavor to be most flexible to accommodate for your free time. We have almost every product that you can find in our product range on site, for a demonstration in a representative, real world living ambiance, without time restrictions or any buying pressure. Personal and approachable contact is guaranteed, and we also offer demos in your own home to get the most accurate and realistic impression of the equipment you are interested in. We can cater for a wide range of music styles when demoing our brands, but are very welcome, actually encouraged to bring your own music on vinyl, cd, or usb stick..

We cater for pretty much every setup and all listening preferences.  If you are into minimal design and streaming, if you like a traditional setup or even if you looking for a dedicated listening room experience, we can deliver all that.  You can get a single component to complement your setup or a turnkey ready system.

We are unbiased towards the ways music can be re-produced, hence we offer valve equipment as well as solid-state technique, vinyl as well as digital sources. We offer traditional and modern sources, amplification, loudspeakers in all guises, cabling and accessories. We can offer a room and sound measurement service, to optimize your setup and positioning of your equipment and speakers.