Radical Fidelity

In 2003, we developed in our iron foundry a non magnetic cast iron main platter called Swissonor #1.0. for the classic Thorens TD124 turntable.
Other TD124 upgrades followed, and in 2008 the Schopper Mod’s for Thorens TD124 equipped with mayor Swissonor goodies was declared “Product of the year 2008” by Stereophile’s Art Dudley.

Since that moment, the most radical approach to music reproduction from a vinyl disc since the sixties led us to a range of components covering the real need of any vinyl lover, banning all that marketing artifices known as “High End”.

Simplicity is a concentration
Charles-Edouard Jeanneret, dit Le Corbusier

In fact, during a half century, the music reproduction equipment has become more and more complex, with more power, more active components, more cables, more speakers and more of everything, except music.

Swissonor's approach is total inverse engineering. We use a handful deeply engineered and ideally combined components in the signal path, bringing music closer to you than anyone else.

Listen, you will understand.