KLANGWERK (which means “soundworks”) was founded in 1997 by Markus Thomann. Before Markus dedicated himself to the development and construction of high end loudspeakers, he was a fully trained architect with a degree from ETH Zurich no less. He describes the relation between these different subjects:   "Music plays a counterpart to architecture: It is weightless and volatile, whereas architecture is heavy and consistent. But they are mutually dependent, without space there is no music. Today we can store music and keep it not only in our minds, therefore it becomes as consistent  as architecture. A new interaction between music and space is taking place, and it is complemented by video reproduction. My work is to design this interaction."


Already during his studies and later beside his work as an architect, Markus studied and learned a lot about acoustics and music reproduction, and over time his focus shifted more and more to this area. He was encouraged and supported by audio specialists to finally found the company KLANGWERK GmbH. The initial project was the development of exclusive loudspeakers, which allow clever integration in rooms; later on he added the planning of entire audio and video systems, and in 2006 the annual organisation of the high-end audio exhibition “ Klangschloss “ in a medieval castle outside Zurich.

The architects touch is evident in the KLANGWERK loudspeakers which are elegant, precious and minimalistic. But the exceptional aesthetic quality derives from a deep knowledge about acoustics.  And the way the products can be placed in rooms is driven by the wish to celebrate recorded music at home. The speakers are produced in collaboration with several experienced Swiss manufacturers, above all RELEC SA, which have more than 30 years experience in loudspeaker design.  Their “savoir-faire” in active technology which they use for their Studio Monitor brand PSI Audio is unique. It pushes also the KLANGWERK active solutions in another league and is a good example of Swiss precision.