What makes the Ascendo’s different?

These are the rules for our speakers:

  • Perfect time domain behaviour. Some call it Impulse Response, some Step Response, others Phase. It is all the same: Every frequency has to arrive exactly at the same time at your ear!

  • Fast rise time and fast decay times

  • Very low distortions.

Following these key rules, there are several consequences for our speakers:

We use a non-compromise time alignment for the high-mid range. Many manufacturers use a small time alignment for the high-mid range. But they don't do it sytematically.

We strictly design speakers under the FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION rule. And so we created a no-compromise time alignment in the high-mid range. It is furthermore adjustable to your exact listening position. This is essential for the three-dimensionality of the reproduced sound. There is no way to avoid this adjustable alignment, if you want to be systematic!